Branding / Advertising

Tchibo is a multi-brand company from Hamburg, one of the top most popular coffee producers in Germany. Brand products are successfully sold in Austria, Switzerland, France and dozens of other countries.

Today we are helping Tchibo increase brand awareness in the Ukrainian market.



Providing the digital support of the brand during the launch of the first large-scale media campaign. Namely:

  • Facebook page creation
  • filling the page with the unique content appropriate to the interests of the audience and brand policy
  • achieving the required KPI for the first quarter of 2020.


We have created and made a design to the page in accordance with the Tchibo brand book.
We used a well-thought-out content strategy.
We generated engaging interactivities and other activities to attract and retain user attention.
We held the "Annual Supply of Coffee" raffle to increase the number of subscribers as well as brand loyalty.


  • content marketing
  • engaged creative
  • raffles.


Our strategy allowed to get KPI that is 3 times more than it was planned for the 1st quarter of 2020.

Tchibo Ukraine Facebook follower growth for 3 months: 0 -> 6,000.

Comments on the "Annual Supply of Coffee" raffle results: 20 000

New subscribers: 4200

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