ISIDA clinics specialize in infertility treatment, obstetrics, gynecology, mammology and pediatrics. They combine a hospital and three outpatient centers.


ISIDA clinic is well-known in the Ukrainian market. Teaser faced a difficult task: to significantly reduce the cost of conversions, as well as increase Facebook engagement for European customers.



After analyzing the situation, a content strategy was developed, it focused on increasing engagement (ER) and organic reach; traffic sources and conversion (PPC) were also optimized.



  • content marketing

  • Youtube

  • landings in regional languages/domains 

  • Google Display Network

  • contextual advertising.


After 2 months of our work, engagement rate on Facebook grew from 4.05% to 47.42% (organic reach). Due to the new strategy, monthly growth of subscribers increased by 1.76%

Growth of subscribers from 0,06% to 1,76%

Reducing conversion cost from 20-30 UAH to 1,14 UAH

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